Down: permission to do fitness and swim in the pool naked is very popular

The reasons of the owners of the fitness centre to allow all those wishing to train in the buff, is not to promote the beauty of the naked body – it is more commonplace due to the economic crisis, fell sharply the number of people wishing to strengthen their muscles. In the North of Spain is an Autonomous region called the Basque Country (Basque Provinces). It was there in Arrigorriaga (Arrigorriaga) and live a very resourceful people – when over the last two years, the number wishing to be engaged in the gym, Easy Gym fell several times, and the Read More

“Fitness for the face” – new, designed for women who take care of themselves

Halls of fitness, in which you can perform various physical exercises, have long been commonplace. And in new York operates the first and only room in the world for training the muscles of the face, which, incidentally, has as many as 57. A gym with a catchy name Skin Gym Face Fitness (“fitness for the face”) opened in one of the Central districts of new York (New York). The cost for a 30 minute lesson in an unusual gym is $ 50. After training for a fee you can get a facial massage, a skin treatment “moisturizing spray”, as well Read More

How to get better during the holidays?

Christmas holidays are approaching – a real test for those who regularly and persistently engaged in fitness. Gyms at this time to suspend classes. Family feasts, office parties and parties with champagne and other temptations lurk everywhere. Experts say that if you throughout the year worked diligently over the figure during the Christmas holidays, you can take a little breather. Contrary to widespread belief, the study conducted by the National institutes of health and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that most people over the holidays gain a total of about pounds weight. This is quite a Read More

Raise the mood – go

Winter can diminished the enthusiasm of even the most enthusiastic fitness enthusiasts. It is difficult to find in himself the desire to go for a run when you need to constantly be around icy patches. And who will go to the gym first need to clear the windshield of ice? And yet, those who will continue to be easier until the summer to keep in shape. Experts believe that in the winter it makes sense to continue their fitness program. There are several reasons. First, physical activity improves mood, which is very important at this time of year due to Read More

Ropes bungee jumping – a great tool for exercise

20 years ago has travelled around the world unusual attraction – bungee jumping, jumping from a height with the use of elastic rope, providing an unforgettable experience of flight. But such ropes can be applied in the halls of fitness. The owner of one of the fitness rooms in new York has made significant gains in the number of clients thanks to the clever invention, to whom she gave the name Spiderbands. Francie Cowen (Franci Cohen) used for new varieties of physical exercises, elastic ropes, similar to those used in bungee jumping, only thinner, because the load on them is Read More

Can I drink beer after the gym?

How compatible fitness and alcohol? This question is answered a new study by scientists from the University of Texas, USA. In their work they showed how the use of alcohol directly after exercise affects the body, depending on the type of exercise. A glass of beer or wine may seem a good reward for effort on training in the gym, and many fitness lovers treat themselves with alcohol, barely having time to change. The question of whether it is harmful to health is natural. Professor Jacob Vingren (Jakob Vingren) from the University of Texas specializiruetsya on the study of the Read More

Yoga helps women who have had breast cancer.

According to a recent study, yoga helps relieve the symptoms that occur during menopause in women affected by breast cancer. This was stated by the American scientists who began the program “Yoga of Awareness” aimed on the study of positive aspects of yoga. In the new program, which will last 8 weeks, will be attended by 37 women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. The scientists also examined a control group consisting of healthy women. All women report symptoms of menopause to yoga, during and after workouts. Yoga program, which is based on a new study designed specifically for women Read More

5 best ways to lose weight this year

Spring is just around the corner, and soon your girlfriend will show off on the streets in their most seductive toilets. If you’re not on a health diet and increased physical, hurry up! It’s never too late to get in good shape, said Dr. Vonda Wright (Vonda Wright), specializing in sports medicine, author of “Fitness after 40”. “To lose weight, you should involve in the process of the whole body. It is not enough just to do more exercises,” she says. In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, people should mentally prepare for all challenges. If you have not engaged Read More

Sport will help to protect yourself from breast cancer

The fairer sex has another reason to do fitness. Women who play sports are much less at risk to die from breast cancer than those who do not bother to exercise. This was reported in the study, which will be printed in the April issue of the scientific journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Researchers from the University of South Carolina found that sports women die from breast cancer three times less likely than less physically active. In the study, researchers studied information on 14,000 women aged 20-83 years, who passed a medical examination at the Cooper Clinic Read More

Why women smoke and how to deal with it?

One in five women aged 18-24 years Smoking, and the majority of them continue to smoke because of fear of gaining weight. However, researchers from temple University found that small trust-based discussion and support can play a big role in the decision to quit Smoking than a specially designed exercise program for weight loss. “A large number of young women smoke in order to be thin, but we believe that, with some assistance aimed at improving women’s self-perception, can eliminate some stress factors,” – said Melissa Napolitano (Melissa Napolitano), psychologist at Centre for education and the study of overweight in Read More

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