Fitness trend: hybrid gym and sauna

Workout in the gym and sauna are beneficial to the body, but the first who came up with the brilliant idea to combine two useful classes – owners of a chain of Spa salons in the United States. Although the temperature in the “double gym” they still had to be reduced. Network Spa Iobella Bodyshaping Spa in Santa Monica (Santa Monica), California for only $ 125 offers its customers a new health service – training on simulators in individual capsules which resemble in appearance the cockpit of a fighter or a giant incubator for premature infants. The secret of the Read More

Gardening is comparable to training in the gym

The old adage “movement is life” is especially true for older people. For them moderate exercise – a way to preserve not only physical, but also mental health. It suits everything from gardening to dance classes. To preserve the physical strength, clarity of mind and vivacity of spirit, not necessarily to buy a pass to the pool or visit the fitness classes in a stuffy gym. British scientists argue that the positive effect of any physical activity – as long as it was regular and did not lead to fatigue. But, more importantly, to start an active lifestyle it’s never Read More

The reverse side of workouts for losing weight – weight gain

The will power shown by people who have decided to get rid of obesity through regular exercise, worthy of all respect, but British researchers have found that many latter-day “athletes” are starting to gain weight. The results of the study, which was conducted by the staff of the research division of the British company Forza Supplements, specializing in the production of dietary supplements for weight loss, point out the pitfalls that may await people who have decided to get rid of excess weight, visiting the fitness room or pool. Researchers surveyed and interviewed more than 1,000 people in the United Read More

Kids-dumbbells: moms are successfully using their kids for weight loss

Happy mother holding her child to the sky and the sun, is for many years a favorite hero images photographers around the world. But in the US, squealing with delight babies mom throw up with a very utilitarian purpose – to lose weight. Pregnancy often leads to the appearance of the young mother extra pounds, which can sometimes amount to tens. Most conscious women go on a diet or start to perform regular exercises for weight loss in between feedings child. A smart and enterprising American by Isom Missy (Missy Isom), fitness instructor, opened the world’s first sports hall in Read More

Self-sacrifice for the secrets of obesity

A unique experiment with “the elements of sacrifice” set the owner of an athletic figure and a good health coach from the USA: to find out what it’s like to be fat, he first gained 32 pounds, but then lose weight through exercise and diet. 30-year-old drew manning (Drew Manning) working in one of the fitness rooms in the U.S. city of Eagle mountain, Utah (Eagle Mountain, Utah), did selfless – almost like those doctors of the XIX and XX centuries, which instilled a dangerous disease in order to better understand them. From a young age, drew enjoys sports in Read More

An active lifestyle is not always good – the phantom menace for the elderly

For many years the medical media has created a positive image of retired – sort of “the old man hearty,” that winter swimming in the hole, and the rest of the regular jog of a heart attack (or meet him). In today’s world, where any city, there are numerous swimming pools and fitness rooms with the most modern equipment, it is easy to find a way to give yourself exercise. Old people go out of town on the bike or ride right in the city in a quiet neighborhoods. However, American doctors seriously warn that the number of serious injuries Read More

How to keep your figure and health in sedentary work.

Physical inactivity beach of modern society. The entire business world has long been firmly “embedded” in the offices, holding the chair in front of computer screens most of the day. Needless to say that such a sedentary lifestyle imposes a significant imprint on the health and appearance of the person? Employee spent in sedentary office work for several years, you can almost always accurately calculate in any society. Especially easy to do in the summer when all are maximally revealing clothes, or some formal celebration, when everyone dressed in light evening dresses. The first thing that catches the eye – Read More

Yoga against addictions

Under bad habits is commonly understood Smoking, addiction to alcohol or drugs. However, there is also a dependence on sleeping pills, caffeine and even sugar. People get used to a certain manner of behavior that, in their opinion, helps to overcome difficulties in life. For example, it can be gambling, workaholism, sexual addiction or passion for shopping. Yoga to the rescue! Through a period of recovery from drug dependence for most people becomes very difficult. Especially it is felt at this point, the body need care and support. Yoga combines physical exercises, relaxing, learn to cope with stress. This practice Read More

Types of yoga

Yoga is an ancient storehouse of knowledge aimed at knowledge of the spiritual component of ourselves and the surrounding world, and enables us to manage our own physical and psychological processes dates back several thousand years. Finding application for its vast experience in various spheres of life, yoga has been continuously developed, purchasing in different directions. How to understand its forms? In the fitness club Yunisport of the city of Tyumen yoga shows the different areas that will help to improve health and feel better. What type of yoga is right for you? Try to understand. Hatha yoga The first Read More

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