6 fitness trends that I like

Hi! Today I want to tell you about the trends that I think are interesting and useful.

Workout in the pool

In my opinion, one of the most decent trends! Classes in the pool allow you to get a good additional load. Not necessarily that it was a classic Aqua aerobics. At the club where I go, there are combination classes, which combines the power of different groups of muscles and aerobic exercise. A lot of different equipment, like dumbbells special for pools, usually is already in the hall, so nothing but pass and clothes, not have to buy.

Functional training

Typically, these classes represent alternating cardio and strength exercises. In addition to weight reduction this ensures the development of coordination and endurance. Value funktsionalka that in a short workout, you can work out all the body and well to disperse the pulse.

Exercises with its own weight

Finally is the promotion of thoughtless use of large weights and excessive consumption protein powder. Definitely demand classes with their own weight or use small weights.

I like that idea that will only Mat and for exercise, not necessarily to get out of the house. Remember that even in this case, to do better in shoes, not barefoot.


Here you can combine a lot of training — breathing practices, yoga, Pilates, stretching, etc… All that will help to learn to listen and feel your body. As a nice bonus – flexibility, good posture and coordination.

If yoga classes seem boring, try another type – options now weight and to find something to their liking.

Medical fitness training

Safe and atraumatic classes that are matched with all features of a particular person. It can be as training in special halls. Bad knees, back or neck should not be an obstacle to recovery – you just need to choose appropriate complex.

Fitness Boxing

Never tried it, but I think it’s a cool idea. Hard, painful, expensive, but very cool! Even if you’re a girl.

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