A hasty meal – a step towards diabetes

Recently it turned out that the people who while eating in a hurry, bite off large pieces and swallowing them almost without chewing, much more exposed to the occurrence of type II diabetes than others.

In this case, those who are accustomed to chew food carefully, avoid not only digestive issues but also less at risk of diabetes.

Experts of the Lithuanian medical University found that people who prefer to absorb the food quickly, in 2.5 times more likely to suffer from overweight and diabetes.

Total sample was 702 person. The experiment participants were asked to answer a series of questions about their lifestyle, and also measured the weight of each of them. In addition, special attention was paid to the speed with which the volunteers ate. The result of the research showed that those who ate quickly were prone to the occurrence of type II diabetes – it is found in 234 subjects.

To find out the cause of such patterns was not possible. However, previously, it was observed that the rate of food consumption depends directly on the amount eaten per day of food. And the more one eats, the higher the risk of obesity and, consequently, diabetes.

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