About me

For me, proper diet and yoga and sport is a lifestyle and belief system.

I assure You, only with this approach it is possible to preserve your beautiful slim body, good health and energetic cheerful self-awareness. I can say this because for many years personally convinced of this. Diet and restrictions give only temporary results.

I can also safely say, as an expert on nutrition. Confirmation of this dogma are the beautiful results of my clients who came to me for advice.

The man who decided to lose weight often do not know where to start and how to eat. Refers to the dietitian or a consultant on nutrition, or trying to understand their own, began to study literature and read articles on the topic of healthy lifestyle.

Such way, no doubt, correct. But they entail the monetary and time costs.

The knowledge necessary to understand and systematize, so well-versed in matters of nutrition and physical activity.

My blog about nutrition and fitness was created to help You. Reading through the article that I write for you, You will understand the issues of PP, and then realize that the best consultant for You.

My blog about healthy eating will teach You to love only the food that brings benefits to Your body.

You can learn to eat well, nor in denying themselves nothing. In any situation (on holiday, in a restaurant, home, away, vacation), you can choose the food that will not harm Your body and health, will not add extra pounds and You will never feel slighted or constrained.

As a consultant on nutrition and weight correction in his blog about a healthy lifestyle I will also give recommendations for physical activity. Very soon You will realize that “movement is life” not boring bored phrase, but a fact that carries deep meaning. And undoubtedly, gradually, small steps will begin to love physical activity and not to think of life without it. To help you short simple workouts at home for study various groups of muscles, for weight loss or gains in lean muscle.

The road by walking! Believe that You will succeed. Main sincerely desire that must win excuses.

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