Beer lovers faces impotence

According to statistics, over 60% of men over the age of 35 are faced with erectile dysfunction. Impotence not only hits the self-esteem, it leads to psychological problems in relationships and divorce. And even impotence drugs such as kamagra , levitra bought in Indian pharmacy will not help Despite the many different factors and causes of erectile dysfunction, few men pay attention to the amount of alcohol that they consume. It is not about alcoholism, but about the excessive use of “hot” that many men seem quite normal.

Doctors say that impotence is caused by contraction of the blood vessels of the penis. Usually they are opened in a condition of strong excitation, allowing blood to fill the body of the penis and form the erection that is required for sex. But excessive amounts of alcohol in the blood makes the body perform this task, and therefore an erection is just not achieved. If it is formed, it remains not too long.

Specialists in the treatment of impotence emphasize that alcohol affects each man differently, so there is no safe limit for alcohol. But it must be remembered that men should not drink more than 14 drinks a week, that is two glasses of beer a day. If the amount of alcohol increases, it can cause significant problems in intimate life, and not only men but also women.

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