Can I drink beer after the gym?

How compatible fitness and alcohol? This question is answered a new study by scientists from the University of Texas, USA. In their work they showed how the use of alcohol directly after exercise affects the body, depending on the type of exercise.

A glass of beer or wine may seem a good reward for effort on training in the gym, and many fitness lovers treat themselves with alcohol, barely having time to change. The question of whether it is harmful to health is natural.

Professor Jacob Vingren (Jakob Vingren) from the University of Texas specializiruetsya on the study of the relationship between alcohol use and exercise. According to him, one drink is unlikely to have a negative impact on the body after a workout. However, three or more servings of alcohol can have on the athlete and the result of his training unexpected impact.

Alcohol intake after cardio is able to modify the process of accumulation of glycogen in the body. Glycogen is the primary fuel for exercise of high intensity. The result during your next workout the athlete will feel fatigue much faster.

As for the power of exercise, consumption of alcohol after exercise reduces the synthesis of protein needed for building new muscle tissue. This leads to the fact that alcohol has a negative impact on the effectiveness of training, aimed at strengthening and building the muscles.

Thus, one glass of beer or wine after exercise are unlikely to have a significant impact on the result, but a greater amount of alcohol can negate all your efforts.

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