The reverse side of workouts for losing weight – weight gain

The will power shown by people who have decided to get rid of obesity through regular exercise, worthy of all respect, but British researchers have found that many latter-day “athletes” are starting to gain weight. The results of the study, which was conducted by the staff of the research division of the British company Forza Supplements, specializing in the production of dietary supplements for weight loss, point out the pitfalls that may await people who have decided to get rid of excess weight, visiting the fitness room or pool. Researchers surveyed and interviewed more than 1,000 people in the United Read More

Self-sacrifice for the secrets of obesity

A unique experiment with “the elements of sacrifice” set the owner of an athletic figure and a good health coach from the USA: to find out what it’s like to be fat, he first gained 32 pounds, but then lose weight through exercise and diet. 30-year-old drew manning (Drew Manning) working in one of the fitness rooms in the U.S. city of Eagle mountain, Utah (Eagle Mountain, Utah), did selfless – almost like those doctors of the XIX and XX centuries, which instilled a dangerous disease in order to better understand them. From a young age, drew enjoys sports in Read More

People ignore the danger of a thick waist

According to experts, people with excessive weight in the waist area do not recognize the associated risks. Unfortunately, most of them are not even aware that the fullness defines them at risk of cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes. Overall, 71% of people more than two thousand people in Britain, pleaded the owner of the “spare tire” (a thick waist), but 97 % of them do not realize that the fullness of the waist and these diseases can be interrelated. Three well-known British charities have launched a new campaign Fat is Active (“active full”) with the purpose of explaining to the people Read More

Plateau in weight loss: proven ways to overcome

If You are in the process of losing weight faced with a similar problem when doing everything right: eat in a balanced way, cut the calories, included physical activity, drink enough pure water, and the weight has stopped and there is no result to decline for some time…, do not despair. This happens not infrequently. Why stopped weight weight loss On this score there are different opinions, something similar, overlapping. I am inclined to believe that stopping the weight at some point weight loss is not such a bad indicator. Just whatever you can spend and withdraw quickly, our body Read More

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