Fitness trend: hybrid gym and sauna

Workout in the gym and sauna are beneficial to the body, but the first who came up with the brilliant idea to combine two useful classes – owners of a chain of Spa salons in the United States. Although the temperature in the “double gym” they still had to be reduced. Network Spa Iobella Bodyshaping Spa in Santa Monica (Santa Monica), California for only $ 125 offers its customers a new health service – training on simulators in individual capsules which resemble in appearance the cockpit of a fighter or a giant incubator for premature infants. The secret of the Read More

An active lifestyle is not always good – the phantom menace for the elderly

For many years the medical media has created a positive image of retired – sort of “the old man hearty,” that winter swimming in the hole, and the rest of the regular jog of a heart attack (or meet him). In today’s world, where any city, there are numerous swimming pools and fitness rooms with the most modern equipment, it is easy to find a way to give yourself exercise. Old people go out of town on the bike or ride right in the city in a quiet neighborhoods. However, American doctors seriously warn that the number of serious injuries Read More

How to keep your figure and health in sedentary work.

Physical inactivity beach of modern society. The entire business world has long been firmly “embedded” in the offices, holding the chair in front of computer screens most of the day. Needless to say that such a sedentary lifestyle imposes a significant imprint on the health and appearance of the person? Employee spent in sedentary office work for several years, you can almost always accurately calculate in any society. Especially easy to do in the summer when all are maximally revealing clothes, or some formal celebration, when everyone dressed in light evening dresses. The first thing that catches the eye – Read More

Smoking can lower intelligence

That Smoking tobacco is harmful, we began to talk many years ago. It is well known that tobacco addiction causes cancer problems with the respiratory system, disorder of cardiovascular system, gastro-intestinal diseases and many others. In addition, the researchers found that the nicotine contained in cigarettes has a harmful impact on mental faculties. Israeli scientists from the Institute tel-Hashomer were subjected to tests of more than 20 thousand recruits. The obtained data showed that about 28% of them smoke at least one cigarette per day, 3% – used to smoke but quit, and 67% refrained from Smoking. Subsequent studies showed Read More

Can I drink beer after the gym?

How compatible fitness and alcohol? This question is answered a new study by scientists from the University of Texas, USA. In their work they showed how the use of alcohol directly after exercise affects the body, depending on the type of exercise. A glass of beer or wine may seem a good reward for effort on training in the gym, and many fitness lovers treat themselves with alcohol, barely having time to change. The question of whether it is harmful to health is natural. Professor Jacob Vingren (Jakob Vingren) from the University of Texas specializiruetsya on the study of the Read More

Why women smoke and how to deal with it?

One in five women aged 18-24 years Smoking, and the majority of them continue to smoke because of fear of gaining weight. However, researchers from temple University found that small trust-based discussion and support can play a big role in the decision to quit Smoking than a specially designed exercise program for weight loss. “A large number of young women smoke in order to be thin, but we believe that, with some assistance aimed at improving women’s self-perception, can eliminate some stress factors,” – said Melissa Napolitano (Melissa Napolitano), psychologist at Centre for education and the study of overweight in Read More

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