Impotence treatment should begin with a visit to the dentist

With a delicate and very painful problem of lack of erection is facing more and more men, including the very young. Trying to unravel the reasons for this weakness, increasingly, scientists find a strange connection between the different parts of the body. This writes Only during the current year, a 2 scientific publications, definitely established the connection between this chronic gum disease like periodontal disease and deterioration of the ability to commit full sexual intercourse. Not better effect on the potency and other inflammatory diseases of the gums. And Turkish scholars, the staff of the University of Inonu in Read More

Salsa will make you healthy and beautiful

Lately, more and more people fond of fitness and dancing. According to the study, the results of which were presented at the annual meeting of the American College of sports medicine in Seattle, dances such as salsa, very beneficial to health, and improve the condition of dancing older in terms of heart rate and energy expenditure. In one of his studies of Italian scientists watched the participants of the three groups of salsa. They compared the health effects of these types of dancing salsa like a typical salsa, rueda de casino (group dance), and salsa club. Each pair of dancers Read More

A hasty meal – a step towards diabetes

Recently it turned out that the people who while eating in a hurry, bite off large pieces and swallowing them almost without chewing, much more exposed to the occurrence of type II diabetes than others. In this case, those who are accustomed to chew food carefully, avoid not only digestive issues but also less at risk of diabetes. Experts of the Lithuanian medical University found that people who prefer to absorb the food quickly, in 2.5 times more likely to suffer from overweight and diabetes. Total sample was 702 person. The experiment participants were asked to answer a series of Read More

What happens to immunity when the lack of sleep?

The researchers came to the conclusion that lack of sleep can undermine your immune system. This discovery shows that lack of sleep has the same harmful effects on the body as physical stress. For the study, researchers measured the number of white blood cells of 15 healthy men and women, at the time, as they were deprived of normal sleep and sleep under normal conditions. White blood cells, known as leukocytes, protect the body from disease by developing antibodies. There are five types of white blood cells. In particular, the researchers found that the increase in the number of granulocytes, Read More

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