How much sugar can you eat per day

Sugar – a product of artificial processing (cane, sugar beet) and in its pure form it is not found in nature, so to speak, about the need for the body, at least silly. But sugar is “brain food”, and you say you’re not quite right. This oft-repeated misconception, in fact the brain, like all other organs of our body needs protein, fats, vitamins, antioxidants, glucose (grape sugar) is really necessary for the metabolism of the brain is its primary source of energy, but in small quantities, all the rumors about the extremely high volumes of consumption of sugar by the Read More

The elderly need to increase your protein intake

“Man is what he eats” – this phrase is particularly fair to the squirrels. Derived from food proteins are split into amino acids, which our body builds its own proteins. It is well known that protein consumption stimulates the cells of the body to build its own protein. In older people, slows metabolism and decreases the effectiveness of muscle-building body, as a result, they not just lose weight, but become inactive, lethargic, increased risk of fractures, reduced quality of life. A new study published in the journal of physiology-endocrinology and metabolism, aimed to find out whether the net profit of Read More

Vitamin C can cause the formation of kidney stones

Vitamin C is considered to be vitamin health, most often it is associated with sunlight and oranges, but the downside of its use can become kidney stones. As it turned out, excessive usage of such nutrients leads to negative consequences. Thus, high doses of vitamin C not only cause the formation of kidney stones, but other health problems. The risk of kidney stones in men During the eleven-year study at the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm in Sweden, the data were analyzed for 48 850 men aged 45 to 79 years, among which 436 have developed kidney stones. The researchers found Read More

Top 5 favorite salad dressings

Even the most simple salad you can make much tastier if you take an interesting sauce. Offer my favorite options with recipes. Greek dressing A classic that is perfect not only for the Greek salad. This option I like for its versatility. What: salad with fresh or grilled vegetables, salad leaves with a mild taste, as a marinade for chicken, fish or meat. Composition: 1/2 tbsp. olive oil 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tsp sweet French mustard 1 tsp lemon juice 2 tbsp wine or Apple vinegar Good whisper of dried oregano and Basil Salt All mix, allow to stand Read More

Recipe green juice with spinach and mint

Hi! Today I want to share with you the recipe is simple and delicious (!) green juice and also a bit like how it’s still useful. Useful than green juice? Chlorophyll! This unique component is available only in green plants. It helps to cleanse the blood and get enough vitamins. Many notable burst of energy and health in just a few minutes. The more chlorophyll to use, the better it will become intestinal flora and overall health. The recipe for my favorite green juice If you’ve never drank a green juice, then I advise you to start with spinach. It Read More

How to reduce cortisol levels?

To reduce the amount of cortisol in the blood in different ways, and I will consider only safe, without the use of medication. Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands during stress. Often it is in excessive amount, which causes anxiety, anxiety, and irritation, weight gain. Ways to reduce the level of this hormone can be divided into two big points: Changes in diet; A change in lifestyle. Further discuss about each method in more detail. Nutrition to reduce cortisol levels Reduce intake of fast carbs. This includes white bread, declinazione pasta, candy, white sugar, cookies, cakes, pies, Read More

My favorite spring juice: Apple + carrot + orange

Hi! I want to tell you about one of my favorite juice recipes for early spring. The combination of Apple, carrot and orange, I love the taste – it all balanced. Moderately sweet, refreshing and rich. Always take seasonal variety of apples – they are useful and cheaper. Overall, this juice is very affordable, since carrots and oranges are always cheap, and the output to the volume of them are decent. Composition: The Apple – 1. Orange – 1. Carrots – 0,5. I leave the Apple peel and clean carrots and oranges. The number of “pulp” adjust to your taste. Read More

Acidic and alkaline foods

This article will tell you more about one important aspect that you need to consider when putting together a balanced diet (in addition to the balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories). We will focus on acid-alkaline balance in our body. The concept of acid-alkaline balance we remember from chemistry lessons at school, another had heard something in the shampoo or soap on TV :lol:. of course, if Your specialty is not a doctor, pharmacist or chemist. Now, an ordinary person, often unknown to this important nuance, which now will be discussed. Especially the importance of acid-alkaline balance in proper Read More

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