Beer lovers faces impotence

According to statistics, over 60% of men over the age of 35 are faced with erectile dysfunction. Impotence not only hits the self-esteem, it leads to psychological problems in relationships and divorce. And even impotence drugs such as kamagra , levitra bought in Indian pharmacy will not help Despite the many different factors and causes of erectile dysfunction, few men pay attention to the amount of alcohol that they consume. It is not about alcoholism, but about the excessive use of “hot” that many men seem quite normal.

When it comes to impotence boozers?

If a man begins to drink with the teenage years (15-16 years), the sexual failure can overtake in 25, when people with healthy eating habits only comes the blossoming of sexuality. That is, the earlier he was addicted to alcohol, the faster will be impotent. But many turn a blind eye and begin to take medications to improve it. Drugs such as cialis (tadalafil) can you buy online pharmacy without any problems. And the price is sometimes cheaper than a bottle of water.

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