5 best ways to lose weight this year

Spring is just around the corner, and soon your girlfriend will show off on the streets in their most seductive toilets. If you’re not on a health diet and increased physical, hurry up! It’s never too late to get in good shape, said Dr. Vonda Wright (Vonda Wright), specializing in sports medicine, author of “Fitness after 40”. “To lose weight, you should involve in the process of the whole body. It is not enough just to do more exercises,” she says. In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, people should mentally prepare for all challenges. If you have not engaged Read More

How to care for the skin before and after a workout?

Remember that during class the sweat and sebaceous glands increases. This factor must be considered when caring for skin before and after workouts. So, share your experience! First of all, remove the makeup. It would seem that everyone has long understood, but, unfortunately, I often meet the girls in the room at full “parade”. Now I mean Foundation, powder, blush, etc that prevents your sebaceous glands to function normally. If you really want to, you can leave the mascara, the eyebrow pencil, and dark circles under the eyes. I think this set is enough to feel confident. Why not engage Read More

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