Yoga against addictions

Under bad habits is commonly understood Smoking, addiction to alcohol or drugs. However, there is also a dependence on sleeping pills, caffeine and even sugar. People get used to a certain manner of behavior that, in their opinion, helps to overcome difficulties in life. For example, it can be gambling, workaholism, sexual addiction or passion for shopping. Yoga to the rescue! Through a period of recovery from drug dependence for most people becomes very difficult. Especially it is felt at this point, the body need care and support. Yoga combines physical exercises, relaxing, learn to cope with stress. This practice Read More

Types of yoga

Yoga is an ancient storehouse of knowledge aimed at knowledge of the spiritual component of ourselves and the surrounding world, and enables us to manage our own physical and psychological processes dates back several thousand years. Finding application for its vast experience in various spheres of life, yoga has been continuously developed, purchasing in different directions. How to understand its forms? In the fitness club Yunisport of the city of Tyumen yoga shows the different areas that will help to improve health and feel better. What type of yoga is right for you? Try to understand. Hatha yoga The first Read More

Yoga helps women who have had breast cancer.

According to a recent study, yoga helps relieve the symptoms that occur during menopause in women affected by breast cancer. This was stated by the American scientists who began the program “Yoga of Awareness” aimed on the study of positive aspects of yoga. In the new program, which will last 8 weeks, will be attended by 37 women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. The scientists also examined a control group consisting of healthy women. All women report symptoms of menopause to yoga, during and after workouts. Yoga program, which is based on a new study designed specifically for women Read More

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