How to care for the skin before and after a workout?

Remember that during class the sweat and sebaceous glands increases. This factor must be considered when caring for skin before and after workouts. So, share your experience!

First of all, remove the makeup. It would seem that everyone has long understood, but, unfortunately, I often meet the girls in the room at full “parade”. Now I mean Foundation, powder, blush, etc that prevents your sebaceous glands to function normally. If you really want to, you can leave the mascara, the eyebrow pencil, and dark circles under the eyes. I think this set is enough to feel confident.

Why not engage with the tonal resources? Almost all of them are made on the fat content, thereby forming a protective film on the skin. Overall, this is good, but during a workout, our body temperature increases, sweat stands out and creates something like a greenhouse effect. All the accumulated daily dirt and bacteria start to work actively.

Therefore, before training it is necessary to wash a foam or gel, then wipe the face tonic and, if necessary, apply a light serum or cream. Well, if all these products are from the same series.

If you can not do without makeup, pay attention to mineral dekorativku. She is always crisp, and without a silicone base. And minerals just possess antioxidant protection, and will not clog pores.

If you visit a pool with chlorinated water, I’d be very advised to use protective creams to prevent irritation and dryness.

What deodorant should I choose?

Please note that the panels were zinc salt or aluminum (sulfate/lactate/chloride/chlorhydrate). Then this tool can really be considered dry, so as not to overpower the smell.

Some time ago appeared a lot of rumors that antiperspirants almost dangerous to health. But modern means max can clog pores in the armpits, and that if actively used sticks every day, several times.

If you are still worried, you can pick up the therapeutic antiperspirant in the drugstore. But they are significantly more expensive.

By the way, the best in their task cope solid sticks, but the spray always weaker.

How to care for skin after a workout?

After class, sweat is necessary to cleanse not only the body in the shower, and face. I have this cleansing tonic. It is also always possible to find at Macy’s or any other similar store. Will fit any other tonic you like.

Do not skip this step! Many girls take a shower, but completely forget about the skin. But it is also sweaty and dirty, hence the pimples and inflammation.

If the shower gel is moisturising and skin, then I apply the lotion all over the body.

Be superfluous and anti-cellulite products. Of course by themselves, without fitness, massage and nutrition, they will not help. But as subsidiary means for the elasticity and smoothness of the skin to ignore them, not worth it. Just after workouts the blood circulation improves and the body will respond better to such tools.

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