How to spend holidays usefully? Charging in my pajamas!

You have already made a promise to myself in the new year to begin your day with charge? It’s time to do it!

The holidays is a great temptation for endless relaxation and gluttony. Although I hope you already ate all holiday salads and left passion to overeating in the past year. For example, we on this New year quite a few were prepared, so the 1st of January there was no temptation to eat more than you need.

But another issue long weekends – lack of physical activity. Even if in the evening you go out for a walk or ice skating, the house is add a little more movement.

To start the day need with simple but effective charging. If you are reading this post – you just have to do it let’s get Started!

For training, you need to use the interval timer. Set it to 30 seconds work with 10 seconds of rest. Or rely on their intuition, measuring these time intervals.

1. Some burpees

This chic exercise from crossfit. It not only increases endurance but also ideal for burning fat.

Get down in plank position, press, then stand back and jump out high, hands up. Move quickly, but watch out for appliances. If you hard exercise from the knees and stand up a bit slower.

2. jump Lunges

Starting position and begin to quickly jump in attacks. Careful injection of the knee was 90 degrees, and it does not protrude beyond the toe.

3. Alternating twist

This twisting is reminiscent of many familiar exercise “Bicycle”, but one of the feet is elongated parallel to the floor. Is working fine abdominal muscles!

4. Complicated strap

Take the plank position on the forearms. If you feel the strength, then alternately raise straight legs. Or just wait for 30 seconds. Most importantly, ensure that the pelvis was not raised and not lowered.

5. Squats

Classic, without which it is impossible to do!

6. the Rise on one leg

For this exercise suitable not only stairs, but also any other support – for example, a sofa.

7. Reverse push-UPS

It is a good training exercise for the triceps. To run it you can also use the sofa or chair.

8. Push-UPS from a chair

Put your feet up on the sofa or chair and perform normal pushups. You will like it! Ensure the pelvis and back was a straight line.

9. Squat on one leg

For this exercise, you will again have to use the support. Hold your leg for 30 seconds. Relax, then perform the exercise on the other leg.

10. leg lifts from plank

Exercise similar to what was just above, but this time the hands should rest on your hands, not forearms. Raise legs alternately, and be careful not to fall to the side.

Ready! If you feel good and ready to exploits – repeat the entire complex in the second round.

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