Impotence treatment should begin with a visit to the dentist

With a delicate and very painful problem of lack of erection is facing more and more men, including the very young. Trying to unravel the reasons for this weakness, increasingly, scientists find a strange connection between the different parts of the body. This writes

Only during the current year, a 2 scientific publications, definitely established the connection between this chronic gum disease like periodontal disease and deterioration of the ability to commit full sexual intercourse. Not better effect on the potency and other inflammatory diseases of the gums.

And Turkish scholars, the staff of the University of Inonu in Malatya (University Malatya), give some hope to those men who have bleeding gums and wobbly teeth are extended and regular failures in bed.

Turkish authors argue that effective treatment of chronic inflammatory gum disease can quickly lead to an improvement in potency.

Researchers from Malatya observed 120 patients who had problems with erection and chronic inflammatory diseases of the gums.

Half of the patients were immediately treated, while the remaining participants were asked to postpone treatment for a while.

All subjects answered questions from a special questionnaire about the quality of their sexual life and the possible problems. Three months later, after treatment nearly all participants from the first group reported a notable improvement in their ability to have sexual intercourse.

The authors believe that inflammatory gum disease are just a private manifestation of the General sluggish inflammatory process in organisme, which also affects the gums and the blood vessels of the penis.

Earlier this year the results of his research on the same topic published by Taiwanese scientists from the medical University of Taipei (Taipei medical University).

They, in particular, found that among men with chronic inflammatory gum disease, problems with potency were found 3 times more often than among their peers without gum problems.

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