How to reduce cortisol levels?

To reduce the amount of cortisol in the blood in different ways, and I will consider only safe, without the use of medication. Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands during stress. Often it is in excessive amount, which causes anxiety, anxiety, and irritation, weight gain. Ways to reduce the level of this hormone can be divided into two big points: Changes in diet; A change in lifestyle. Further discuss about each method in more detail. Nutrition to reduce cortisol levels Reduce intake of fast carbs. This includes white bread, declinazione pasta, candy, white sugar, cookies, cakes, pies, Read More

My favorite spring juice: Apple + carrot + orange

Hi! I want to tell you about one of my favorite juice recipes for early spring. The combination of Apple, carrot and orange, I love the taste – it all balanced. Moderately sweet, refreshing and rich. Always take seasonal variety of apples – they are useful and cheaper. Overall, this juice is very affordable, since carrots and oranges are always cheap, and the output to the volume of them are decent. Composition: The Apple – 1. Orange – 1. Carrots – 0,5. I leave the Apple peel and clean carrots and oranges. The number of “pulp” adjust to your taste. Read More

How to care for the skin before and after a workout?

Remember that during class the sweat and sebaceous glands increases. This factor must be considered when caring for skin before and after workouts. So, share your experience! First of all, remove the makeup. It would seem that everyone has long understood, but, unfortunately, I often meet the girls in the room at full “parade”. Now I mean Foundation, powder, blush, etc that prevents your sebaceous glands to function normally. If you really want to, you can leave the mascara, the eyebrow pencil, and dark circles under the eyes. I think this set is enough to feel confident. Why not engage Read More

How to build a press with the exercise “vacuum”?

My dream is to build a press, remove belly fat and make it more flat? Very often one only crunches is not enough, and the local weight-loss does not exist. But it is an exercise the “vacuum” that helps you to keep muscles toned, and achieve a marked improvement in the figure. How does it work? During the execution of the “vacuum” occurs, the voltage of the transverse abdominal muscles. This muscle supports the internal organs, so if it is underdeveloped, you may experience problems in the form of a flabby bulging belly, even if there is almost no fat. Read More

How to spend holidays usefully? Charging in my pajamas!

You have already made a promise to myself in the new year to begin your day with charge? It’s time to do it! The holidays is a great temptation for endless relaxation and gluttony. Although I hope you already ate all holiday salads and left passion to overeating in the past year. For example, we on this New year quite a few were prepared, so the 1st of January there was no temptation to eat more than you need. But another issue long weekends – lack of physical activity. Even if in the evening you go out for a walk Read More

Tips for beginners runners

Finally the blog will be more articles, not only about food!) Now about running and other physical activities will be to tell my husband who knows this stuff much better than me. Hello! Last year I started to get into running. I don’t know how it happened, because I never liked physical education in school. To run 3 km for me has always been hell. After school, I forgot about running. But 8 years later, an inner voice told me that we should go out to the Park and to run your first mile. And so began my passion. During Read More

6 fitness trends that I like

Hi! Today I want to tell you about the trends that I think are interesting and useful. Workout in the pool In my opinion, one of the most decent trends! Classes in the pool allow you to get a good additional load. Not necessarily that it was a classic Aqua aerobics. At the club where I go, there are combination classes, which combines the power of different groups of muscles and aerobic exercise. A lot of different equipment, like dumbbells special for pools, usually is already in the hall, so nothing but pass and clothes, not have to buy. Functional Read More

Plateau in weight loss: proven ways to overcome

If You are in the process of losing weight faced with a similar problem when doing everything right: eat in a balanced way, cut the calories, included physical activity, drink enough pure water, and the weight has stopped and there is no result to decline for some time…, do not despair. This happens not infrequently. Why stopped weight weight loss On this score there are different opinions, something similar, overlapping. I am inclined to believe that stopping the weight at some point weight loss is not such a bad indicator. Just whatever you can spend and withdraw quickly, our body Read More

Acidic and alkaline foods

This article will tell you more about one important aspect that you need to consider when putting together a balanced diet (in addition to the balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories). We will focus on acid-alkaline balance in our body. The concept of acid-alkaline balance we remember from chemistry lessons at school, another had heard something in the shampoo or soap on TV :lol:. of course, if Your specialty is not a doctor, pharmacist or chemist. Now, an ordinary person, often unknown to this important nuance, which now will be discussed. Especially the importance of acid-alkaline balance in proper Read More

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