The beneficial properties of almonds

A surprisingly tasty almond kernels has long been revered as the epitome of beauty and health. Almond is one of the richest sources of healthy nutrients required for optimal health. Almonds are used in medicine, cosmetics, liquor and confectionery. Almonds grow on small deciduous trees belonging to the family Rosaceae (Rosales), a kind of plum (Prunus). Scientific name: Prunus dulcis, synonymous with Amygdalus communis L.. whole family is plum, only the almond is the edible seed. The common almond originally from Western Asia, where mineral-rich mountain ranges, create favorable conditions for tree growth. According to S. I. darginskogo (1901), the Read More


Gently sweet, crisp and delicious cashews are Packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins necessary for good health! The name cashew (cashew) came from the English language, in his homeland, in Brazil the tree was called caju (Portuguese) or acaju in the language of the Indians, which means yellow fruit. In other countries, entrenched its own name cashew, for example in Venezuela merey, Spanish speaking countries in South America – maran. Botanical features Growing cashew trees belonging to the Anacardiaceae family (the same family owns mango, pistachio), Anacardium genus, scientific name Anacardium occidentale (Western Anacardium). It is an evergreen spreading tree Read More

Useful properties of peanut

Delicious and crunchy nut peanuts are perhaps one of the most famous cultures masquerading as nuts. Peanuts are not a nut from the point of view of Botany, but this does not detract from the useful properties of peanuts that is rich in substances necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Botanical description Peanut – a plant of the legume family (Fabaceae) scientific name: Arachis hypogaea. It is an annual herbaceous plant with branching stems, 30-50 cm tall Leaves Dvapara-pinnate, flowers yellow with reddish veins, growing out of the corners of the leaves in 4-7 pieces, but the seeds tied from Read More

10 healthy meat substitutes

One of the main disadvantages of a vegetarian diet is the exclusion from your diet of nutrients that must be regularly ingested with animal products (beef, poultry, fish). For example, omega-3 fatty acids, as a rule, the source of these crucial minerals, is fish: salmon, tuna, herring etc. in addition, there is a lack of protein, iron, the source of which is usually lean beef or chicken. The lack or complete absence of only these three components of food is detrimental to health, so for vegetarians there is a good reason to find healthy meat substitutes. Nuts. Walnuts, pine, macadamia Read More

Beer lovers faces impotence

According to statistics, over 60% of men over the age of 35 are faced with erectile dysfunction. Impotence not only hits the self-esteem, it leads to psychological problems in relationships and divorce. And even impotence drugs such as kamagra , levitra bought in Indian pharmacy will not help Despite the many different factors and causes of erectile dysfunction, few men pay attention to the amount of alcohol that they consume. It is not about alcoholism, but about the excessive use of “hot” that many men seem quite normal.

10 things you need to know about the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is gaining in popularity in recent years, thanks to its excellent results, confirmed by numerous studies. It will not only help to lose weight, but also reduce the risk of many ailments, trapping the man, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, senile dementia. The main points of the diet: The emphasis on fruits and vegetables. Fresh, non-starchy foods is a key element of this diet. Eat 5-10 servings of vegetables a day (a serving is a Cup raw or half Cup cooked product, such as one banana, one small Apple, half Cup of cooked rice). Choose healthy fats. Olives Read More

When it comes to impotence boozers?

If a man begins to drink with the teenage years (15-16 years), the sexual failure can overtake in 25, when people with healthy eating habits only comes the blossoming of sexuality. That is, the earlier he was addicted to alcohol, the faster will be impotent. But many turn a blind eye and begin to take medications to improve it. Drugs such as cialis (tadalafil) can you buy online pharmacy without any problems. And the price is sometimes cheaper than a bottle of water.

The most dangerous products

Aki (Ackee) Apple Aki (Ackee or akee) – a tropical fruit tree of the family of so-called soap trees. The most famous representatives of this family: lychee, longan. Apple Aki grows up to 15-30 cm in length, changing color during ripening from green to yellow-orange and bright red. The ripe fruit opens three doors, revealing three shiny, black seed. Unripe fruits contain toxic substances 2 (hypoglycin And, hypoglycin B), which inhibit several enzymes, causing hypoglycemia. Clinically, it manifests itself the strongest vomiting. Cassava Manioc or cassava is a plant of the family Euphorbiaceae. Manioc is used by indigenous people of Read More

Superfoods that work better together

The soup and salad. Spaghetti and meatballs. Potatoes and mushrooms. There are many classic combinations of foods that never go out of fashion. But some food combinations can do more than just satisfy your appetite – they enhance health. This is a concept called “food synergy”. The idea is that some foods can interact in such a way to provide even more value. Has long been known that certain foods, called Superfoods, are health and energy, youth and strength. It turns out that certain combinations are more effective Superfoods for a healthy diet. Black beans + red bell pepper Black Read More

The rules of healthy eating

Based on the current understanding of human physiology, developed the modern theory of nutrition. According to her, for the health food person shall fully compensate the energy costs to build and the regeneration of tissue, to be balanced, not only on proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also vitamins and trace elements. Power supply system for each individual and depends on age, sex, presence of congenital or acquired diseases, etc. factors determining the human metabolism. Energy value Food enters the body consists of several components: a useful ballast and harmful. Beneficial ingredients (nutrients) are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins (proteins) is Read More

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