Plateau in weight loss: proven ways to overcome

If You are in the process of losing weight faced with a similar problem when doing everything right: eat in a balanced way, cut the calories, included physical activity, drink enough pure water, and the weight has stopped and there is no result to decline for some time…, do not despair. This happens not infrequently.

Why stopped weight weight loss

On this score there are different opinions, something similar, overlapping.

I am inclined to believe that stopping the weight at some point weight loss is not such a bad indicator.

Just whatever you can spend and withdraw quickly, our body has spent the first 2-3 weeks of the diet, so first comes the intense plummet. Which, of course, once can not but rejoice. This means that the first stage of weight loss – the withdrawal of excess water.

The hardest and more slowly consumed and it burns body fat. Therefore, the process significantly slows down.

It is even possible to say that a good sign.

The body adapted and got used to Your new lifestyle. Accordingly, the metabolism is changed in accordance with the new conditions. Think of it as a point of stabilization, a new starting point. At this stage, the body gets used to its new weight, as would clipping the result. This period can last for about 1-2 weeks. Sometimes longer.

By the way, these plateaus in the process of losing weight can be several.

You have to understand that the reduction of body weight and reduction of energy consumption are in direct relation between them.

In General, the main thing is not to despair, not to panic, not to worry, and certainly in any case not to quit on yourself because of the alleged failure.

And just something will take. So

What to do when stopped weight loss

Assuming that up to this point you cut calories, eat balanced, removed simple carbohydrates and bad fats, included physical activity.

If so, then proceed as following:

  • do a once a week day with a increasing the caloric content of 20-25%, but with only the correct nutrients (proteins and complex carbohydrates). For the body, this action of generosity would serve as a signal that you can not store fat “in reserve”, in light of recent weeks restrictions
  • can also be done once a week fasting day, reducing the number of calories by 20-25%. Fasting days should not be carried away more often than 1 time in a week, due to the fact that it is a certain stress to the body
  • change the type of exercise, for example, enable efficient fat burning TABATA interval complexes with the temporary timer. If You trained in the gym, can increase the weight, number of repetitions or number of sets. You can also increase the number of workouts. Remember, the less muscle, the less energy consumption. Because at first, during weight loss losing muscle mass, it needs to be considered. Increasing muscle mass, the process of burning fat even at rest
  • complete a massage course
  • walk in bath or sauna. these procedures increase the body’s need for oxygen, which speeds up metabolism and increases calorie consumption

What not to do during stagnation in weight loss

  • not worth more than that to exhaust yourself more than strict diet, You will slow down metabolismyou should not be nervous or worry that the weight stopped. Stress contributes to the deposition of fat

    Believe in and know will succeed at all, provided that You act correctly and be easy to process.

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