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Winter can diminished the enthusiasm of even the most enthusiastic fitness enthusiasts. It is difficult to find in himself the desire to go for a run when you need to constantly be around icy patches. And who will go to the gym first need to clear the windshield of ice? And yet, those who will continue to be easier until the summer to keep in shape.

Experts believe that in the winter it makes sense to continue their fitness program. There are several reasons. First, physical activity improves mood, which is very important at this time of year due to lack of sunlight. Secondly, if you do not drop classes by the summer, when the time comes to get a bathing suit, you will be sure that are in good shape.

“To perform your normal program, without putting yourself in danger, you have to make some adjustments, says Tony Breitbach (Tony Breitbach), head of Department of physical culture at the University of St. Louis. – Change in the weather should lead to change of a way of thinking – focus on winter sports.”

Doing sports outdoors is very important to dress correctly. There should be several layers of clothing that can be removed and worn as required. Ideally, clothes that are in direct contact with the body should be made of a material that breathable and not cotton, which absorbs sweat. The top should be a layer of fleece or cotton cloth, and finally a windbreaker or waterproof outer layer. Make sure your hands and feet well insulated. Face, fingers and toes are most prone to frostbite, so, feeling a tingling in the ears or in the fingers arms or legs, immediately come back into the room. Do not forget about the headdress – over the head, lost a substantial part of the heat gained by the body. If you run in the dark, wear clothing with reflectors so that drivers of passing cars can see you from afar.

Although in the cold season you may want to drink less than in the summer, drink water during exercise still need. Avoid beverages containing caffeine and alcohol as they cause dehydration.

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