Ropes bungee jumping – a great tool for exercise

20 years ago has travelled around the world unusual attraction – bungee jumping, jumping from a height with the use of elastic rope, providing an unforgettable experience of flight. But such ropes can be applied in the halls of fitness.

The owner of one of the fitness rooms in new York has made significant gains in the number of clients thanks to the clever invention, to whom she gave the name Spiderbands.

Francie Cowen (Franci Cohen) used for new varieties of physical exercises, elastic ropes, similar to those used in bungee jumping, only thinner, because the load on them is not as large as in free fall.

Something Spiderbands resembles an old, almost forgotten now attraction “giant steps”.

Elastic rope with one end attached to the ceiling of the gym, and at their opposite ends ending near the floor approximately the height of a man attached device that is required for exercise: rings, rungs, loops for hands and even Boxing gloves.

Floor in the gym is covered with thick mats, which dampen the impact a failed landing or the fall and prevent injury.

Man, to the arms or legs of which is attached to these ropes, have to exert more effort when performing even the simplest of movements, since, according to the laws of physics, springy rope in tension creates a force vector which is directed in the direction opposite to the direction of applied force.

Francie has developed 19 sets of exercises for Spiderbands.
The hardest ones are the “air” exercises, in which the athlete is suspended with bungee ropes by the arms and legs (and sometimes in the trunk) and absolutely not touching the floor.

Thus, even when performing exercises solely for the development of the muscles of the arms exercising you have to use almost all muscles of the body to keep balance.

Francie claims that the ropes Spiderbands you can easily equip a home gym in a large apartment, and especially a private home.

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