Salsa will make you healthy and beautiful

Lately, more and more people fond of fitness and dancing. According to the study, the results of which were presented at the annual meeting of the American College of sports medicine in Seattle, dances such as salsa, very beneficial to health, and improve the condition of dancing older in terms of heart rate and energy expenditure.

In one of his studies of Italian scientists watched the participants of the three groups of salsa. They compared the health effects of these types of dancing salsa like a typical salsa, rueda de casino (group dance), and salsa club. Each pair of dancers went through a series of procedures, evaluating their physical parameters such as height, weight, and maximum oxygen consumption. Then the dancers measured the heart rate during the dance.

The researchers found a significant difference between the forces that were spent on the dance women and men, as well as between the frequency of beating of their hearts in the case of all three types of salsa. The heart rate was higher in the salsa dancing club, when compared with the same period at a typical salsa dancers (men) and rueda de casino (for women). The results, say the researchers, proves that salsa is a kind of physical activity, the intensity level of which gives reason to assume the existence of benefit for cardiac and respiratory systems of the person.

“Salsa is an inspiring dance. You are so tempted to rush into a dance, when you see other dancers. Dancing the salsa, you spend a lot of energy and give it my all. All three types of salsa, which were studied in the course of work, have a positive effect on health,” says study leader Gian Pietro Emerenciana (Pietro Emerenziani). She believes that humans are easier to persuade to go dancing than go to the gym, since dancing bring delight to almost everyone.

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