Sport will help to protect yourself from breast cancer

The fairer sex has another reason to do fitness. Women who play sports are much less at risk to die from breast cancer than those who do not bother to exercise. This was reported in the study, which will be printed in the April issue of the scientific journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Researchers from the University of South Carolina found that sports women die from breast cancer three times less likely than less physically active. In the study, researchers studied information on 14,000 women aged 20-83 years, who passed a medical examination at the Cooper Clinic (Cooper Clinic) in Houston in the years 1970-2001. During the examination, the women were not ill with breast cancer.

Depending on the level of physical activity, women were divided into three groups: those with high, medium and low. The average level of physical activity provides about 150 minutes of exercise per week and high – at least 300 minutes per week. The researchers then compared the fitness levels of the 68 women who died of cancer in 2003. It turned out that in the group where women are less involved in sports were three times more deaths from breast cancer than in most of the sports group.

“Of breast cancer annually kills about 40,000 women. The fact that there is a connection between fitness, which can do almost everything with minimal cost, and reduced risk of breast cancer, we are very pleased”, – said the head of research, Dr. Steve Blair (Steve Blair).

Scientists concluded that exercise should be one of the preventive measures in the fight against breast cancer.

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