The beneficial properties of almonds

A surprisingly tasty almond kernels has long been revered as the epitome of beauty and health. Almond is one of the richest sources of healthy nutrients required for optimal health. Almonds are used in medicine, cosmetics, liquor and confectionery.

Almonds grow on small deciduous trees belonging to the family Rosaceae (Rosales), a kind of plum (Prunus). Scientific name: Prunus dulcis, synonymous with Amygdalus communis L.. whole family is plum, only the almond is the edible seed.

The common almond originally from Western Asia, where mineral-rich mountain ranges, create favorable conditions for tree growth. According to S. I. darginskogo (1901), the centre of origin of the genus should be regarded as Persia (Iran).

In the last decade, almonds have been cultivated in many regions of the world. On the territory of our country (the Caucasus, Western Siberia, European part) spread almond or low steppe, its other name bobovnik.

In spring, the almond blossoms are very beautiful, whitish-pink flowers, which in autumn are the fruits (oval, conical in shape, with a length of about 2 cm, width 1 cm, weight 1-1. 5 g).

The fruit of almond tree, botanically speaking coconut is not – it’s just a drupe, the kernel of which, freed from the shell, called the peeled almonds. If you count the almond nut, cherry and plum too nuts.

Composition almond

The fat content in almonds is less than other types of nut, “only” 50%. He stands out of protein, a whopping 21 grams – it is even more than the pine nuts.

A lot of the almond tissue, so the nuts tight enough.

Most of the vitamins content in products (% of the recommended per day amount) of Vitamin E and Riboflavin (B2).

Boasts almonds are high content of copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium.

Wild almond (bitter) contains in its composition of the alkaloid amygdalin – a substance containing hydrocyanic acid (HCN), and therefore very poisonous. Roasted walnut neutralizes the amygdalin.

The beneficial properties of almonds

Walnut Almonds are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, contains many essential for the health of phyto-chemicals. It is a valuable component of a balanced diet, providing protection against many diseases and cancer.

Due to the large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids – the skin loses elasticity and complexion will be healthy.

Almonds do not contain gluten and hence are one of the most popular ingredients in gluten-free diet and creating drugs to treat people with food allergies to cereals and celiac disease.

These nuts contain many important vitamins b-complex such as Riboflavin, Niacin, thiamin, Pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6 and folates. Together, these vitamins work as cofactors of enzymes in cell metabolism.

In addition, almonds are also an excellent source of minerals like copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

  • Copper is needed for most enzymes;
  • Manganese increases the sensitivity of cells to glucose and insulin;
  • Potassium helps drain excess fluid;
  • Zinc improves sexual function in men;
  • Selenium is essential for the body to fight against free radicals.

Almond oil is extracted from the nuts used as an emollient. With regular use it helps to preserve the youthfulness of the skin, protecting it from dryness. Moreover, in Eastern countries (Iran, Turkey), the oil traditionally used in cooking. Rare Oriental Bazaar without almonds and products derived from it.

Traditional medicine uses almond oil as a base when creating drugs, for massage. It is used in aromatoterapiya, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

  • Almonds promotes lower cholesterol levels in the blood;
  • Reduces “bad” cholesterol, increasing “good”, due to the high (even higher than a walnut) the content of omega-3 fatty acids;
  • The high content of potassium and magnesium, necessary for normal functioning of the heart, makes it an essential product heart diet;
  • The high content of the amino acid arginine, improves the condition of the vascular wall, promotes vasodilation and lower blood pressure. Arginine is widely used in the composition of food supplements athletes, bodybuilders, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction;
  • Almonds aging of the skin;
  • Prevents the diabetes of the 2nd type;
  • Stimulates the immune system;
  • Stimulates peristalsis;
  • Has a calming effect on the nervous system;
  • Reduces the number of migraine attacks;
  • Tea made from almonds the best warming remedy;
  • The combination of almonds with cranberries prevents the development of bladder cancer.

Almond, rightly called the “nut of longevity”. A handful of nuts a day provides much of recommended levels of minerals, vitamins and protein. Besides, almond oil extracted from the nuts was used for cooking and in medicine.

Safety rules

Almonds, although not as often as other nuts (hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.), could trigger a cross allergic reactions in some people. The type and severity of symptoms may vary from vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, swelling of the lips and throat, shortness of breath. Therefore, caution should be exercised in people with allergic syndrome to the nuts, using prepared foods that contain nut products.

Almond is best not to mix. Better eating almonds with the skins.

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