Tips for beginners runners

Finally the blog will be more articles, not only about food!) Now about running and other physical activities will be to tell my husband who knows this stuff much better than me.

Hello! Last year I started to get into running. I don’t know how it happened, because I never liked physical education in school. To run 3 km for me has always been hell. After school, I forgot about running. But 8 years later, an inner voice told me that we should go out to the Park and to run your first mile.

And so began my passion. During this time I gradually increased the distance, and finally, the other day ran 10 km, Breaking the way, I think I can already share a few tips for those starting to run or are just planning.

So, my 5 tips for beginners runners.

1. Run only in sports shoes

If you have the opportunity to buy professional running shoes – just do it. But if such possibility is not, in the early stages, you can use any shoes. But in the future, if you plan to run at a more significant distance, you should think about buying something bigger. Your joints and knees will thank you!)

2. Increase the distance gradually

Most beginners, including me, make the same mistake – trying to run as much as possible, paying no attention to fatigue. In the end, – pain in muscles and joints, and most importantly, not wanting to get on the next run.

Start with short distances. Even if you feel that there are, stop, because the pain in the muscles will only begin the next day. And so gradually, without harm to the body, you will achieve the desired results. Proceed sequentially, and running will only bring a sense of satisfaction and joy.

I started to run one kilometer, and after a few laps walked to restore breathing.

3.Run at a moderate pace

Even a one common mistake is too fast paced. It is best in the beginning of his career to alternate walking and running, each time going for a run, increase the time running and decrease the walking time. Soon you will feel that you can run continuously. This way you accustom your body to the loads gradually, without harm to the body.

4. Don’t forget about stretching

Warm up is very important! If you don’t want to get injured, sprain or dislocation, be sure to listen to this advice.

Before run the best fit dynamic exercises to warm up, and after stretching. Consider it a mandatory moment of the entire treadmill workout, and never miss. Exercises before Jogging will help to warm up the muscles and prepare them for exercise, but stretching after running to minimize muscle pain after exercise.

5. Change the route

The monotony of running is one of the common causes of rejection of Jogging for beginners. After running around the stadium is so boring. Change the route and terrain! For example, you can run in the Park or on city streets. Believe me, running to a different place, you will not notice how it was only one kilometer!

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