Yoga helps women who have had breast cancer.

According to a recent study, yoga helps relieve the symptoms that occur during menopause in women affected by breast cancer. This was stated by the American scientists who began the program “Yoga of Awareness” aimed on the study of positive aspects of yoga.

In the new program, which will last 8 weeks, will be attended by 37 women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. The scientists also examined a control group consisting of healthy women. All women report symptoms of menopause to yoga, during and after workouts.

Yoga program, which is based on a new study designed specifically for women in menopause, and gently allows you to strengthen the body. Enriched with various breathing exercises, meditation techniques, promotes total relaxation of body, group discussions and study of yoga principles.

“This program is not similar to those offered at health clubs,” says the head of the research project Laura porter (Laura Porter), associate Professor of psychiatry and behavioral Sciences at the Medical center of Duke University (Duke University Medical Center). “Program “Yoga of Awareness” based on the traditional approaches to the study of yoga, which are aimed at reducing stress and increasing awareness of man in relation to both the physical and spiritual condition of its own body.”

The study showed that women who participated in the yoga program were able to get rid of many of the acute symptoms experienced during menopause. Also reduced the feeling of fatigue disappeared sleep disorders, increased General level of health among women, the researchers note.

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